Friday, December 3, 2010

You almost never have a reason to complain.

Why is everybody complaining? I do not mean to complain, but I cannot help but notice how insane everybody in my life is for spending more time complaining rather than giving thanks for what they have. Complaining is almost a minute to minute effort. I believe that we spend more time complaining about the mundane and useless in our lives rather than what really holds importance. The breathe, sweat, and hurt feelings that come from complaining, are just not worth it. 

I work with folks who complain about working when there are people in our community that cannot make their payments since they have been unemployed for several months. I have friends who complain that their girlfriends or boyfriends are too nice to them, when most people deal with domestic abuse everyday. I have had siblings complain about cold water, when I have a classmate who doesn't have running water for use of showering.

I hate it. I really do. And yes, I am complaining. I do it all the time, also. I just know when to quit. But sometimes not as often as I really should. For example, walking into work today, I was doing what I call passive complaining. I was not smiling, was bitter, and was trying to do whatever I could to make people feel sorry for me. But wait. 

Feel sorry for me?

I have a job, a damn well brand new car, a very stable family, a great education, and friends that smile when they see me. What the fuck am I complaining for?

Believe me, I asked myself this question. But my next question was: How do I get out of this sappy attitude? I hate it, I really do. I do not want to mope and whine, but it is difficult for somebody to go from angry and resentful to happy and welcoming

I know we've all tried it, but with negativity being so easy to fall into, it is really hard to stay positive. Just think about it: Being negative is easy. Staying sheltered and closed in is much like a mental and emotional protective barrier. When you are happy, you allow everyone to see you for who you are.. But most of the time, people like seeing you, because people want you to see them.

When you start seeing people, you discover why you have no reason to complain. I bitch about working six hours and only making $40 in tips, but my co-worker is a single mother with three children making the same amount. I am a nineteen year old, single, no kids, living with his parents. If I had been thinking rationally, I would have been spending less time complaining about how many dollars I brought in, and more time being thankful that I have what I got; thus looking less like a spoiled bastard.

Bro. Nobody cares that your boss is making you put the truck up. You're getting paid $11 an hour.

Seriously. Stop complaining. You are making yourself look like a child when you do it. Only children complain about what they do not have, especially when they never attempted to earn what they desire in life, be it money, a relationship, or a new car. 

The ones who get what they want do not complain. It is as simple as that. Could you imagine Eric Clapton complaining? No? The man sings the blues. He even write a blues song about the feelings he held when his four year old son fell fifty-four floors to his death. But he is still succeeding as both a man, and a multi-instrumentalist musician. But I'm complaining about my life because I can't find a chick that will help me get laid, or stay up late because I have to wait tables at nine in the morning. Forget it, I am done complaining. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trying to make time for people who do not care.

Trying to become accepted by everybody is such a harsh, and counterintuitive task that never results in success. If you could imagine one person that you do not like, who awkwardly fights through mundane conversation that never interests, in an attempt to make you like them, stop hating them. You have done it too. We're all human, keep in mind! And we have a knack for hating people that do the same things we do.

Every person been through the process of acceptance with the end result being a common, passive (or outright, and embarrassing) denial in our attempt for friendship. The harsh reality we face is that not everybody we try to communicate with would like to accept what we might have to say, or offer. It's a sad fact. But it should never be something to dwell on, as grief of denied acceptance always results in self-hatred and questioning motives. What did I do wrong? What is wrong with me? What do I have to change about myself to make them/him/her like me?

The mindset I like to hold close in the world of social politics is that everybody wants something, be it looks, money, humor, intelligence, ambition, potential, musical skill, manners; the reason being is that relationships are no different than the marketplace of grains, dairies and flat screen televisions. We all want something we do not have! So to make yourself a "best buy", you have to look at what you have to offer. Are you talented in the arts? A speaker who is sharp of the tongue? A body of a Greek god/goddess? Perhaps you are one that takes quick fixation to arithmetic and sciences! Or simply they are looking for someone who enjoys the history of toilets as much as they do. The focus should be never be what you do not have. You can never change who you really are. The threshold of your physical, mental and emotional capabilities and the tasks they are capable of accomplishing vary greatly.

Stop trying to impress the wrong audience!

So just sell what you got! It has taken me years to discover this ideology for myself because I have become trapped in the illusion: that everyone I come into contact in my day-to-day activities are the only people that exist. Maybe you have made the same mistake. Go on and do what I did, and start shifting your marketing to the right audience.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

How to converse strong.

When I was in middle school, I hated making conversation with anyone; the task of trying to keep up with what other peers were expecting me to respond with was a burden, and often resulted in me stumbling my words and coming across as a geek, or a loser. Either one is a status a boy would not wish for during the eighth grade.

Conversing strong is tough, and it requires thick skin. Believe me, I still qualify my conversations. And why not? It is not always smart to speak your mind and be blunt. We all have to play dead sometimes if we want to avoid confrontation. Discussing with another person about football, only to find out he despises your sport more than death itself, is not much to get worked up over. However, if the conversation involves a view that opposes your moral values and personal philosophy, you should always involve your attempts at an offensive maneuver. Qualifying might seem to be a means to holding your thoughts objective and your mind open, but it ultimately results in "Yeah, you're right. That is kinda dumb."

The fool-proof method of being strong in conversation, and no longer falling into the trap of qualifying, is to simply speak your mind. It might seem silly at first, but keep this in your mental perspective: The men and women that you would want to associate with, hold respect for those who feel obliged to have their own opinion. Not the opinions of others.. I can tell you the number one pet peeve I have with any one I hold a conversation with is someone that seems to be holding back, and refraining from really speaking. They feel that as if by agreeing with everything I say I will like them. I believe anyone reading this can relate. Think of that one man or woman who really seemed to want your acceptance!

The idea of being accepted is a fine one, and I agree with the desire to be uniform. However I feel that a man or woman is ill-willed if they expect qualifying and leaning their opinions to help that idea become reality. Acceptance from others during conversation only comes from fulfillment, and rational humans are fulfilled with ideas and viewpoints that are not alike their own. So take pride in your thoughts, and let others hear them when your thoughts deem acceptable to advertise.

So the next time you hold a conversation with someone that results in a "fork in the road" of opinions, go for what you  believe is the correct path. Nobody feels good walking away from a conversation where they ended up bashing their football team, best friend, and girlfriend all in one go because they could not muster the courage to simply say "No, I don't think you're right." Otherwise, you will simply absorb that persons opinions. How? You just agreed with them. Why would you say something if you did not mean it?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Individual Prosperity.

The functional role of a productive Government would be one that functions only under the actions of man that is objectively wrong, and not subjectively wrong. An objective action of correct Government action would be seizing a mans property because he has used it in aiding of immoral actions.  The subjective wrong-doing would be seizing a mans property because of a flawed and non objective perception of a wrong-doing. For example, when one person commits a crime with a vehicle that is co-owned by a person they are married too, the vehicle is then seized under the "forfeiture law" (which is the Government defense of stealing your property under a subjective guise) and re-sold at Police auctions with all proceeds going to benefit the precient that seized said property, which was immoral of the Government police to do.

This is a fantastic example of subjective Government in action, using its policing power to steal your property with the defense that it is "halting crime" when crime is simply an act that is immoral. A crime has been defined by the Government to even mean something as simple as crossing an intersection or inhaling a drug. Are any of these actions immoral? No, but they are illegal, which serves no purpose other than to undermine the liberty of men and the leave us docile.

If you believe in the idea of liberty and freedom, you will act it upon yourself to ask your local police officer (which they should take your demand seriously as you are the one that funds their cruisers, salaries, and uniforms) as they pull you over for illegal (not immoral) drugs and demand they answer objectively: "Who have I harmed? Please, spare me the ticket and jail time until you can objectively answer this claim!"

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I feel like a very odd teenager.

So I just recently quit my job of two years and ten months. For the sake of making myself sound better, we will round up to three years.

(Copyright Paul Devine)

Panera Bread. A lovely resort for all of your bakery goods and cafe sandwiches. The one place where you can find a respectable cafe and bakery mix together and create a love child of delicious food. It is also a good place for employment. I came here to work at store number #2815 (I feel so nerdy for remembering that. Why do I remember that?) in January of 2008. I decided upon Panera Bread after realizing that it was actually St. Louis Bread Co. A company I loved as a child but thought, for some reason, disappeared. (Turns out licensing forbid the name of "St Louis Bread Company" in any city outside of St. Louis. Funny how that works.) Once I discovered it was still that place where I enjoyed delicious Frozen Mochas and Bearclaws about ten years ago, I decided.. How about I work there?

Panera Bread was one of those places where you easily felt connected to your co-workers. My store averaged roughly 32 employees, and every person I loved to work with, even with their strange quirks, or rather, my quirks.

I always found it difficult to just tell women how I felt about them until recently, so for a long time I would spend my time awkwardly making passes at the co-workers I found attractive only to be lambasted and harshly turned down. Luckily I discovered those women that turned me down were dirty. Hell, almost all of the teenage staff including myself are running sexual deviants. The tension is so high. What I would have done to get a couple minutes in the walk-in. Or as I would have called it, the Below Zero Club.

Some of my worst times working there probably would have had to be during those event nights, jammed pack full of grilled cheese sandwiches, panicking mothers who have no idea where they are, food fights, and a kinda-emo girl/wannabe Tiffany look-a-like trying to sing Switchfoot covers while I'm running on six hours without a meal and shoes that will not stay tied. Fuck.

But I have to say that after some epic call-ins, fast-paced lunches, and some brutal back-room arguments, I am ready to part ways. It is time to focus on my next Endeavour: Cracker Barrel. Yes. I upgraded to waiting tables. But it pays, and better, too. I also never get in arguments there!

Adios, Amigos.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Get to know me.

Hi. My name is Justin Wollmann, and I am a self-confessed libertarian. I am currently a senior in High School and a worker of two jobs. My current career goal is to be a Nurse Practitioner. I also hope to find time to study law, business, and the German language. I am the second oldest of five siblings (including myself) and greatly enjoy my family.

I was once a strong supporter of Government before just recently. During my Sophomore year of High School was about the time I started to question their utmost society and whether I had some kind of debt to this society as well. Two years later I discovered the true cost of Government as I calculated my payroll taxes.

My tax bracket stands me at about a 15% deduction per year. With my current salary combined amongst my two jobs, my income would be $21012 gross, roughly. After the Government has decided to take my money, I will see $17851. A loss of $3151

To help one better understand what that amount this money means to me, you have to understand my average WORK week. On average I begin work at 3:00 PM from Monday thru Friday (give or take a day off depending on schedule flexibility) till ~10:30 PM. On Saturdays and Sundays I will work from 8:00 AM till 3:00 PM, and then switch over to my second job that I hold on the Weekends (and sometimes I will work a weekday if available) from 3:30 PM till 9:30 PM.

This equals 47 hour work a week, 188 hours a month, and 2256 hours a year that I am working. 2256 hours of my labor equals roughly $21012 (though this is a very flexible variable as I may work an hour or two a week, and my second job is as a server, or, tip-based income. I am just judging by my average income.) After the Government takes my time from me, we can simply take 15% of 2256 and find that, for the Government I work: 338 hours rounded down, per year. This equals 28 hours a month, or roughly seven hours a week.

Now I believe that I am not in debt to Government in any way, shape, or form. But if you look at my numbers, I am working at least one hour a week for Government. But exactly why? If I were allowed back my 388 hours per year, I could afford to work one less hour a week, allowing more time in my life for myself. Or, I could be rewarded that hour of work and find more money to increase the value of my lifestyle, and potentially spread the fruits of my labor amongst my community and perhaps the world. Of course, I understand not everyone would do the same thing under a libertarian society, free of all taxation. But we already DO spread the fruits of our labor, but it is not for your community, it's for Washington. The average income for a white house representative sits from $170,000 - $400,000 a year. If you cut it down the middle, we could see that (without benefits or amenities, free housing, etc.) your average white house politican will take home about ~$220,000. (But keep in mind that politicians of the state, city, and county level still take in a fair share, ranging anywhere from $50,000 a year to ~$195,000. The top amount being for New York, NY.)

Your state representative is most likely working only nine months out of the year. So for the sake of arguing statistics, we must keep in mind the difference between the income of myself and someone in congress, is that I work three more months a year. Also, Congress only works Tuesdays thru Thursdays, so we have to keep in mind that during those nine months, they are working three days out of that week, while I myself work six.

So after doing the math, we'll find that the average congressmen will work 54 days a year (compared to the average citizens work year of 260 days) at $220,000 a year average. Or, $24,444... a month, $6111... a week, $873 a day, or $109 an hour.

So as we can see here, a congressmen will work ~50% less a year than I do, while I will make only 10% of what they will. Is my time really that unimportant? And is my time being spent for the disadvantaged, or to line the pockets of D.C? You tell me.